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Slowly resurfacing!

Hi folks,

There it is!!!
There it is!!!

I know it has been a while since I’ve written a toothsome post on here, but I promise it has been for a good reason: Today I handed in my PhD thesis! And in two weeks I will defend it, and then, fingers’ crossed, I will finally really truly be Katie PhD.

In the mean time, here are a few things to keep you busy:

1. I entered my post on Genetically Modified Plants into the 3 Quarks Daily science blogging contest, and the voting is now open! Scroll on down to number 49 if you’d like to vote for me, or peruse the list of other wonderful pieces and vote for those instead. Obviously, I’d prefer you did the former, but given my proximity to Not Exactly Rocket Science (50) I accept that you might get distracted by the shiny words of Ed Yong.

2. Before I got snowed under with writing up my dissertation (I had three weeks notice, so you can imagine the panic), I wrote a piece for the Nature blog Soapbox Science. It kicked off a series of posts on science outreach and how we can change the image of science, so if you haven’t seen them, do have a read. There are also a bunch more posts out there in the blogosphere that stemmed from all of the #reachingoutsci discussion on Twitter, and a number of them are listed here. There’s also a Storify of the discussion surround the #SoNYC event that tied in with the event here. It’s an ongoing conversation, and there’s lots of great stuff to get involved with!


3. I’m still tweeting (and as much as I’d love to live tweet the defense, I’m not so sure my committee would be on board…) so keep following me there, and I promise I will get a decent blog post up soon!



Mr Epidemiology

Way to go Katie! Good luck with your defence – sounds like exciting times are just around the corner!! :)

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