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Katie’s Webscience Update for Friday, March 16th

Hi folks! Happy St. Patrick’s Day Eve! I indulged in a green-frosted donut yesterday which had the happy side-effect of turning my mouth green for a couple of hours. But I’m pretty sure I’ll be avoiding the green beer tomorrow. After all, Sunday’s kind of a big day for me…


This documentary about the polar regions of our planet aired in the UK months ago. I saw so many tweets about the amount of awesome it brought, but alas, I was on the wrong side of the Atlantic. And apparently, Sir David Attenborough was pretty badass, travelling to both the north and south poles at the age of 85. Incredible. When the series airs on the Discovery channel, however, it will be narrated by Alec Baldwin. On the one hand I’m outraged, but on the other I quite like Mr. Baldwin’s voice. I’m sure the footage will more than make up for the lack of Attenborough, as these pictures of the making of the show hint at:


Binh Danh is a Vietnamese photographer who has taken some really amazing pictures of his homeland and the aftermath of the Vietnam War. What’s even more amazing is that he develops some of his work on leaves. After noticing that grass that had been covered by a hose was a different color from the rest of his lawn, he started to experiment. In what he calls “chlorophyll prints”, photographic images are generated through the action of photosynthesis in the underlying leaf:

Mmmm Donuts…

Ever wondered how a synchrotron works? Or even, what a synchrotron is? Well, then you’re in luck! Harriet Bailey and Alice Lighton have made the video for you:

And Finally: Never Trust a Penguin

Have a lovely weekend!!!



Viet Le

I missed this update! Looking at Binh Danh’s work right now. Thanks.

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