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Hi! I’m Katie. I received my Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Brown University in June, 2012, and am now a full-time science communicator. I’ve been involved in the written communication of science since 2004, when my first academic paper was published. In 2005 I joined the grad program at Brown, having worked for a year as a technician, and by 2008 I had found my niche as the go-to language editor within the department. Since then I have been professionally involved in the writing and editing of posters, grant proposals, articles, and other materials for a broad range of audiences, and have worked with scientists in several different departments at Brown and Harvard. In 2010 I added this blog to my daily life in order to explore new ways of communicating science.

More often than not when I tell people I study biology, the reply is “wow, you must be wicked smart”. I think many people are put off from even trying to understand science because of the world of jargon that surrounds it. I was amazed the day I actually understood quantum mechanics. It had nothing to do with me being smart, and it had everything to do with the language my professor used to teach the topic.

Nobel laureate Craig Mello once said in a talk I attended at Brown University that we, scientists, should not “underestimate the value of education…educate those around you; family, friends, everyone”.

And that’s my goal: to provide a range of services to help spread the awesomeness that is science and how it’s shaping our world.

Oh, and I’m British.

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